Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A tribute to an Icon

June 25th was a sad day around the world. We lost a great man, an Icon. He was innovative and always seemed ahead of the musical game. He's dance moves are not like any other and it's going to be hard to imitate him. His video for Thriller was way ahead of it's time and is still, in my opinion, the best video ever made. I remember rollerskating to P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and Say, Say, Say a duet with Paul McCartney. When Thriller came out I remember the red jacket with the black V being very popular and a few kids at school had one. They thought they were so cool. And the piano shirt from Beat It was the thing to have. Some of his videos played out like mini movies.
His love for children is well known and he did amazing things for children's charities. He was eccentric, unusual, talented in many ways and the world was fascinated by him. His moonwalk was legendary and imitated everywhere. His songs were very well written and you can't help but sing along with them as everybody knows them. He will be greatly missed as the music industry now a days just doesn't have the power players that it did back in the day (I just sounded like my dad). Regardless of your opinion of the man you have to agree that he was a musical genius. I saw him as a shy person, not comfortable with people only comfortable when performing.